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Wild Bee Journal

Wild Bee Journal

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For just 30 minutes a month you can help save the bees, without a beehive.

You want to help bees, but it get’s confusing with all the information out there about what’s killing our bees.   With all the talk about mites, insecticides and mono-agriculture it might seem like saving the bees is beyond us.

The most important thing affecting bees is something we can all change. And it doesn’t take much effort – just 30 minutes a month. 

It’s not just about what you do, but when.  We are not in touch with nature as we once were, and so miss the signs of what we need to do.  The Journal is written to help you discover what needs to be done in response to the current weather and environmental conditions.

In the Journal, every month I will take you through what needs to be done and why, giving you a valuable insight into the affect small environmental changes have on our bees.

Not only that but it takes you into their lives, so you know what they are doing and why.

Could you spare 30 minutes a month to help save the bees?





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