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Bee havens are not only good for the bees, they are excellent for the host sites as well.  Not only do you get your own hard working pollinators, you get a unique visitor attraction all summer.   I never put havens within 7 miles of each other – and rarely will one nearby have a similar theme.

Now wouldn’t your visitors love to experience bees?

Honeybees create an amazing buzz at any public venue. They offer a unique opportunity for your visitors to get close to a truly prehistoric wild animal and experience it’s magic up close.

I will set up and manage a public apiary at your venue, your visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy a bee experience as I take them…

  • Through the history of the Honeybee
  • Into a world if we lost the Honeybee
  • Into a garden for Honeybees
  • Into the beehive to taste raw honey and see the ladies at work

I provide the Bee suits and all necessary materials.

In order to generate interest in your venue, I tailor the experience to your particular venue., this means your visitors not only learn about Honeybees, but how their story entwines with your own.

If you want to discuss hosting a haven – complete this form and I will give you a call or call me on 0161 920 7171. Take me to the form

It really is that simple.


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