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This policy is for all our hives held in any of your Apiaries. These are designed to promote best practice and look after the interests of the Bees – we don’t just make these things up for fun you know. We reserve the right to make adjustments to this policy without letting the whole world know.

Please be aware that breeching anything here will result in being banned from any of our Apiaries and events.

Honey Extraction

We will only extract Honey from any of our hives if there are at least 2 Supers (Honey Boxes) full on top of the Hive. Let us not forget this is the Bees winter store that they have worked hard for – sugar syrup is a poor substitute, so let’s avoid it where possible.

Medication and other treatments

Any external chemical (including organic and inorganic) or medication that is to be administered can only be done so by the Head Beekeeper. Mistakes with medication and treatments can cause the death of a hive, let’s make sure before we do it.

Apiary Visits

If you are visiting an apiary for a public or private visit, you will be expected to wear our suits. This is to avoid the spread of disease between Bees.

Breeding Program

We will welcome Bee Breeders to use our breeding apiaries in order to further the development of Native Honey Bees. In order to protect the stock we have built up we will insist that:

  • Your Bees will be supplied in a Nucleus
  • You will only have a virgin queen and worker bees within the nucleus – no drones!
  • You will not be given direct access to the breeding apiary
  • Your bees will be checked for disease prior to being taken to a breeding apiary.
  • You will have submitted a sample of at least 30 bees for morphometry testing to the head beekeeper to ensure their strain origins.


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