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Saving Bees will not be done by Beekeepers, by politicians or even by large industry. The front line in the battle to save the Bee is in all our gardens, in our public spaces, window boxes and containers.

The war to save the Bee will be won by the many – not the few. We all have our bit to play.

Our work is to help people plant Bee Friendly gardens, to sow wild flowers in public land to create containers and window boxes that ensure our Honey Bees don’t starve to death.


Our main focus is on education – not just children and young adults, but the grown ups as well.  To get them familiar with Bees, realise their importance and what they can do to help.

Let’s face facts – if we don’t get the next generation involved and aware of their importance, it really doesn’t matter if we save the Honey Bee now or not – in 30 years time the people in charge won’t feel they’re important, and we will have lost the war.

The Bee Haven

The Bee Haven is where we run our bee experiences, our school visits, workshops and seminars to help people get a little bit excited about Bees, what they do for us and how they can help save them.

The centre itself is there for the benefits of all ages, but many of the workshops we run are for children as we feel the next generation needs to be fully engaged with Bees is we are to come up with a long term solution to their plight.

The Gardening workshops

Our workshops are designed for people with any size of garden, in fact you don’t even need a garden to do your bit for the Bees.   We don’t just cover the plants you need for Bees, that’s only one part of the story.  We cover everything you need to make a haven for Bees around you.


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