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My name is Damian Appleby, I have been helping people turn their gardens into bee havens for the past few years. Unfortunately, many of the people I have worked with have tried using the books and online resources, but they aren’t specific to them and their garden. So they didn’t work.

I run workshops for people who want to learn more about bees and what they can to help them, without ever keeping them. People just like you.

How you can help bees will change depending on the weather, it’s OK saying bees need this in June or this in September, but the truth of the matter is bees dont keep calendars, they do, however, respond to the weather and environment.

This is how wild bees mentor programme came about.

There are two things missing from all the advice on helping bees:

  1. It’s too generalistic
  2. It doesn’t take into account whats happening in the bees environment

To really help bees you need a plant list thats particular to your garden and environment and an ongoing guide so you can ensure you are doing all the small things that make such a huge difference to our pollinators.

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